The Spectacle of Trees is a remarkable event where local non-profits put together Christmas trees adorned not just with tinsel and ornaments, but a host of fabulous gifts! The Trees feature amazing items such as game systems, sports tickets, gift cards, artwork, and vacations.

When you arrive at the Spectacle of Trees or go pnline you will be able to donate “Tree Bucks”. Each tree buck that is put in an organization’s box earns that non-profit $10. The more Tree Bucks you donate to a box, or order online, the better your chances of being awarded the tree and the more money that non-profit will earn. If you are one of the lucky people whose name is chosen, you will take home the decorated tree and all of the items that are part of that tree! The worst thing that can happen, the non-profit who built the Tree will receive 100% of your support.

he 2015 Spectacle of Trees event, sponsored by the Cape Cod Charitable FunRaisers, will once again take place at the Cape Cod mall in Hyannis. The very special VIP Party will take place on TXXX at XXXX The public is welcome to come and view the trees at the museum from December 1st through Saturday, December 14th